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Once upon time in 1938, two ladies, Miss Snyder and Miss Miller, were unmistakably called by God to move to the Appalachian Mountains of Southeastern Kentucky and start a remote mountain ministry called Laurel Mission.  Mrs. Snyder, who was a Nurse, traversed Greasy Creek to tend to the sick and deliver babies.  Many mountain people would have died if it wasn’t for Miss Snyder.  Miss Miller, who was a teacher, taught children to read and write in a one room school house.  During her lessons, she taught children about Jesus and His Salvation.  After Miss Snyder many faithful men and women of God directed Laurel Mission and helped Pastor Laurel Mission churches:  Wayne and Lois Smith, Marion and Frances. Burkett, Alvin and Ruth Boggs, Paul and Rose (Smith) Lehner, Ken and Sharon Smith, Titus and Debbie Boggs. 


Many Decades later, our mission remains the same:  To see all men, women and children within the sphere of our influence be saved and conformed to the image of Christ and to do so with all expediency.

Founders of LM
Founders History

1942 Laurel Mission

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